Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Grand Opening Show of Dancing Desires

Dancing Desires Official Grand Opening show!  After a successful special event show, Dancing Desires has opened its doors in a lovely theater with choreographers from all around the grid.  The show is full of energy and promises that it will be unforgettable! Please come and help us celebrate!

January 21st at 2pm

Monday, January 15, 2018

Wanted: Performers for Fantasy Faire!

Love Fantasy and Role Play? Love Art and literature? Love Magic New Worlds to explore? Want to be part of this kind of magical Event and support Relay for Life doing so? Then apply to perform at the Fantasy Faire 2018!

This year the Faire celebrates 10 years and it will be a grand affair!
The Fairelands have already started stretching and yawning, and soon they will wake from slumber yet again and we want you to join us there. The Faire opens on April the 19th and ends on April the 29th and we will have over a week of events to fill.

Want to know more about the Fantasy Faire and about previous years? Have a look here:


We are looking for performers of all kinds to do full shows of different kinds. From Theater to particle shows and dance performances, the stage will be yours. What we ask is that the shows have a Fantasy Theme and are semi family friendly.

For more details, contact Aelva Resident and fill out the application note card included in the notice sent 1-15-2018 and send to her by March 15th.

We'll meet and see you at the Faire!

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Don't make me call the Dance Police, Take 17

Every week or so, I look back through the photos of Second Life dance performance that I’ve posted on Flickr.

Sometimes, I smile.
Sometimes, I wince.
And then there’s the times... well... you know...

I like to call this portion of our trip:
Don’t Make Me Call The Dance Police.

Noir Neverland - January 11 2018
You'll catch your death out there! Go get an umbrella!

Noir Neverland - January 11 2018
The Jell-o hasn't rezzed yet. (Or is this mud-wrestling?)

Noir Neverland - January 11 2018
Yeah, that's gonna be a ticket. (For the sheep)

Elysium Cabaret - January 12 2018

Elysium Cabaret - January 12 2018
Or your facelights.

Dance Queens Showcase - Word Challenge - January 13 2018
Sesame Street is so confusing these days. Do the kids get this stuff? I think they're explaining the alphabet. Or soup. Not sure.

Dance Queens Showcase - Word Challenge - January 13 2018
Farmville: The Dance Number

Dance Queens Showcase - Word Challenge - January 13 2018
Do any of the voices tell you to hurt people? Because you shouldn't listen to them.

Phoenix Dance Team - January 13 2018
Jokes aside, this act by Fafnir at Phoenix was really cool. I hope he runs it again.

Phoenix Dance Team - January 13 2018
Weirdest police lineup ever.

Phoenix Dance Team - January 13 2018

Phoenix Dance Team - January 13 2018
This act has literally gone sideways.

Phoenix Dance Team - January 13 2018
Sometimes, I like to take pictures of the tiny people that live in my refrigerator.

A&M Mocap - January 13 2018
Meanwhile, in Hawaii...

A&M Mocap - January 13 2018
And Hawaii-Five-Oh, afterwards.

Oasis - January 14 2018
Welcome to the Seventies. (Can I go back now?)

Club Image - January 14 2018
That can't be the Dance Police. We're usually better about hitting dancers when we drive into a crowd.

Club Image - January 14 2018
Diawa, and her +2 Staff of... um... something... Money or Fireballs or something.

A&M Mocap - January 13 2018
The Mocap Maniacs, living up to their name, began their new space program by throwing dancers at the moon.

A&M Mocap - January 13 2018
... ... ... ... (hold on... one moment... and...) pssst, Web. (piano)

Debauche- January 14 2018
If Trump is building a fence to keep them out, I say tear it down!

Debauche- January 14 2018
This guy gets all the best gigs. *sigh*

Debauche- January 14 2018
It took me a minute to realize those were just circles and lines, and not some subtle way of spelling "Pop" or "Poop."

Winds of the Sahara - January 14 2018
Where's the tipjar?

Debauche- January 14 2018
Best seat in the house.

Winds of the Sahara - January 14 2018

Winds of the Sahara - January 14 2018
Who has two thumbs and is now staff? This bot. (I'll be getting in touch with y'all about updating dancer and group profiles, okay? But, please, let me hear all of your angst and drama in IMs... it's what I live for.)

Thank you, and stay tuned next Sunday for the next thrilling episode.

"Hey. It's Cave. Someone's not daaaancing. Come on. You know the law - testing IS NOT a dance exemption. Don't make me call the dance police"
- Cave Johnson, Portal 2 Perpetual Testing Initiative Expansion Pack.

PS: I've made some improvements to Mt. Edloe and the Bad Luck Streak Gallery. There's now a lot more showcased items. Also, the slideshows allow you to click through the contents, which are stored in reverse chronological order so the newest items appear first. They're all set to sale for 0L so you can get the full perms textures. Finally, the slideshows are in alphabetical order so you can find them more easily.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

A&M Mocap Maniacs

We welcome you to our monthly performances at the A&M Theater featuring the incredible dance animations of A&M MOCAP Dance Works.  We have 5 talented choreographers to bring you an eclectic mix of music and dance in our redesigned theater.  We end the show with a set of dances for you to join us.

We look forward to seeing you!


January raffle!

Talented videographer, AndyTez Dumpling has graciously donated 


Dumpling Recordings

You've seen Andy's work on video upload sites around the internet, now it's your chance to have one of your own!

Winner's recording will be uploaded to Google drive and be available for a few weeks.   (The winner may download their own copy for personal use including uploading to YouTube)

Visit the Raffle Board and have a click!
The entry fee is L$25 and all proceeds go to Dance Queens
(this helps pay for the 1/4 sim tier)
The drawing is at MIDNIGHT 31JAN18 
Entrance limited to Dance Queens members

Congratulations, SarahRho!
Last month's winner of the L$1000 gift certificate to Snyc'D Animations!