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*Gorean Times  January 2014
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5 January 2013

Posted by Zhaza

*Gorean Times  January 2014

This article first appeared in Gorean Times  January 2014  issue.

Greetings Dear Readers

2014 on the calender and a new year for us all  I hope that the new year brings you all happiness and lots of  glorious moments.

I think when we move to a fresh year and new start it is natural to look back at the past year. in 2013 I had the great pleasure of interviewing  Aislynn Zimer, Karesinda Warwillow (eden) Taema Resident, Britt Derbyshire, Snow Mistwood, and Fiona Carter (Maia) Additionally 2  Free kindly agreed to let me interrogate them (I mean interview) about dance Sheik Al Oisans  (Master Oisans26 Foxtrot)  and Mistress Hope Chatterbox  I also  wrote 3 articles about dance and started the year off by having some dancers turn the tables on me and interview me.

In a funny way this actually makes me feel like we have done a  big circle in dance and reached all over with it and that  brings me to our dancer for this month.  Juls (Jullien Sands)  She has been someone I have known for almost all the time I have been in  SL gor.. and yet every time I was thinking " ok next time Juls"  she would stop dancing!!!  disappear from the  dance community and go into hiding for a while and I had to put it on the back burner again.  However as I knew  Juls had been asked to  dance in the upcoming  ""Earthen Fairy Tales Come to Gor" "  dance exhibition  (In Vigo  on 19th January 2013 @ 1 pm)  I  knew I had a chance to " pin her down"    and  I gapped the chance I had with both hands. I am happy that she not only said yes to being interviewed she was a utter delight to interview. As I am sure you will all find out.

I will also mention a couple of other exciting events that are  coming up in January / February Asperiche and Gorean Campus have dance competitions (on the 4th Jan/1st Feb for Asperiche  and the 11th of January for Gorean Campus)  Artifax has 2 poetry exhibitions  as  their December one had to be post poned the 12th sees Tersa Vellas poem being put to Gorean dance and the 18th  Master Stormgazer of Ko-ro-ba's to be showcased. The Isle of Tarns has a  impromptu Dance exhbition on the 25th of January so we are setting the year of with a BANG for Gorean dance. To be honest I would like to dance in many of these (and Actually am for 2 of them and being bullied (I mean gently persuaded)  into going for a 3rd but  I haven't bitten the bullet yet, upon writing this but watch out I might just.

Anyway with such a smorgasbords worth of dance and also the earthen fairy takes one to add to the list it brings us right back to Juls whose profile says this:

Bondmaid, living in the South once again. Owned by Jarl Aiden Hallenbook, who thought the Village of Tarnsport would be a nice stop-over, and decided to stay.
                 village happenings and dance silliness
         Don't tell me the moon is shining; 
         show me the glint of light on broken glass. 
         ~Anton Chekov        

original rez date - 09/2006

Jarl Aiden is rather lovely and gave me permission to interview Juls with such charm I am sure any girl who is around Him on a regular basis will be rather swoony (Just saying- giggles merrily) However in the brief conversation I had with Him I could certainly see how He and Juls fitted together as she is just like that too. Personable and charming as I am sure you will see in the  interview and questions.. & that actually is exactly the reason why I picked her for the interview and also why I  have wanted to interview her for so long. 

In response to the usual questionnaire Juls replied with the following.


Please tell us your name, Owner and city you live in.

I am owned by Jarl Aiden Hallenbook who,  when he wishes more mead or paga or food, tends to bellow "JULS!!!" so I'm pretty sure that's my name. *laughs* My should-be-sister, lara Roecastle, and I live in the beautiful Village of Tarnsport in his home. She is an absolutely sweet person, and works like mad to learn dance when she can - and I think people are definitely going to know her name soon! 

How did you discover gorean dance? 

I'd been in SL Gor since September, 2006, but it wasn't until I went to the training school, Iaomai, in February of 2007 that I learned there was such a thing. I saw some of the older girls practice, at times saw some dancing in the tavern, and thought "I can do that!" I wound up in dance class taught by Keyraina Crawford, and was surprised when the day came when I had to actually dance - I was a total bundle of nerves! I honestly hadn’t expected to feel that way. But after all was said and done, I loved it. I loved being able to write at first, and as animations have evolved, I love the visual aspect as well. 

How does dance have a impact on your gorean life? 

Wowie - well, I can't even THINK of begging out of dancing when ordered! *laughs* But it has made me come out of my shell and meet people, talk with others and be around others, much more than I probably would have without it. Unless I am in a very familiar place and feel very safe and secure, I am just pathetically shy. With dance, I have to travel, to meet others, participate in classes and workshops and things like that. I’m now a member in two dance troupes, which is something I’ve wanted to do for years but was always way too shy to approach. 

What is the most important aspect of dance to you? 

Being creative. I know that dance is for the pleasure and entertainment of the Free, and it is the one way that we, as slaves, are fully allowed to express ourselves to our owners. But with that comes the creativity. Words, music, movements, what you wear (or don't!), what you hold or dance around in the sands... all of that comes together to communicate what's in the dancer's mind and heart. You always hear about “painting a picture with your words”, which is so important - but if what you wear, what you might be holding, any of that isn’t just as creative, that’s like a little lost opportunity. 

Please tell us about what is the hardest thing about dance? 

You know, it didn't used to be this way for me, but for the past few years the hardest thing for me has been to write the emotes. I could find a song I liked and that would work with what I was trying to do. I could find what I wanted to wear. I could find the right animations, the story would come to me - but when I would settle down, no more excuses, to actually write, it would be an all-out struggle. Lately though, thank goodness, it’s become a bit easier (knock on wood!). I have to attribute that to constantly being around friends who dance. Living in a village where nearly all the girls are interested and active in Gorean dance has helped tremendously. If I can dance, I can entertain, and if I can be entertaining, I am hopefully pleasing to watch. 

For her subject of dance Juls asked for us to discuss " What other things dancing can inspire in a kajira"   (She  wouldn't take my answer of chocolate for a complete answer though sighs)


I think in the answers from her questionnaire it comes across well that Juls is personable, loyal and  funny I for one count myself lucky to be able to say she is my friend.   With this in mind and the answers above it was  with a lot of anticipation I went to interview her and  well I was not disappointed and I doubt You will be dear reader   

We went to Tarnsport for the interview and  below follows a scroll of our conversation.

Mily Sandalwood: thank you so much for doing this Juls i have been rather excited about the fact i FINALLY nailed you down.. rubs hands together in glee perhaps very appropriate for the occasion we are in Tarnsport right by the dance pit I suspect you have often stirred up the sands here juls

ʝʋɭʂ (julienn.sands) laffs - Only with practising.

Mily Sandalwood: do you have a particular way of going about practising?

ʝʋɭʂ (julienn.sands): If I have the music on my hard drive, I'll play it, "face" myself like someone watching would, and run through everything over and over. I try to see how other people will see it, how well they can read things (which I HOPE I've been getting better with!), and if things blend decently. And I try to get it to where everything is almost - ALMOST - automatic.

Other than that, I try to tie Sage, Devine, or Lara down at one of these poles and make 'em watch, getting them to critique what I'm doing. *grins*

Mily Sandalwood: laughs softly I have a couple of girls myself i tend to err bribe with non existent chocolate to go through my dances with. One thing I noticed from your questionnaire answers is how LONG you have been involved with gorean dance. do you find if you look back that your way in how you tackle this has changed? And if so why do you think that is? Any influences?

 ʝʋɭʂ (julienn.sands): I can say it's both changed and stayed the same, really. I know, that doesn't make much sense, does it? When I first began, I was completely resistant to changing things once I'd written them down - and usually that was the first and last draft of a dance.

Gradually, I'd take a few suggestions, but was so afraid of anyone coming in and making me feel bad because I wouldn't make all the changes they wanted, that I still kept mainly to myself unless I was performing.

It's really only been in the last year or so that I've asked for help from others, asked for honest opinions, and - even though I was still learning things all these years from different places - I've really expanded my knowledge of what dance can be and how it can really work this past year or so.

I'm happier than I can convey that I'm finding out just how much MORE there still is for me to learn, too... from nuances in dance for different areas of Gor, to how to actually use the Barre hud (I was doing it the old fashioned way until this summer - lining the animations up and clicking each one!), and all different ways to express things.

At this point we were joined by Sage Betsen   and Lara Roecastle

Mily Sandalwood: So in a way your keeping your old way of doing things but you have " permitted" others to critique you?

ʝʋɭʂ (julienn.sands): I wouldn't say "permitted", just because that makes me sound like I am a lofty being and allowing others their ideas! *laffs* I am (hopefully) much more gracious and accepting, open to what others who have a different idea or different thoughts on something tell me. Does that make sense?

Mily Sandalwood: giggles was why i put permitted in " " so to not make you sound lofty

ʝʋɭʂ (julienn.sands): I got the mental picture of a queen pointing down at her subjects!

Mily Sandalwood: giggles

Sage (sage.betsen) snickers

lara (lara.roecastle): laughs softly

Mily Sandalwood hurriedly moves on with another question and asks.. "Do you ever find when someone is giving you suggestions it takes you off in a completely different direction? and if so how do you feel about that? "

ʝʋɭʂ (julienn.sands): I've had that happen before!

ʝʋɭʂ (julienn.sands): Honestly, if someone suggests something and it doesn't feel right for the current dance, I'll make note of it, because it could work a bit later, or it could work in something similar down the road.

And yes, there was one dance I wrote earlier this year where I was bound and determined to trudge on along this one storyline I'd written - even though it totally wasn't working - and a couple of suggestions I'd received were like putting up blockades, with flashing signs pointing a different way. I kept fighting the blockades, but my imagination decided it wanted to follow the signs and explore those suggestions some more.

And you know? It totally worked so much better following the suggestions. *laffs* Of course!

Mily Sandalwood: laughs annoying that isn't it?

ʝʋɭʂ (julienn.sands): Laughingly annoying. Laughing at myself for not seeing a better way before!

Mily Sandalwood: smiles.. before we move on to your chosen subject it occurred to me that it could be interesting to ask Sage and lara to answer a question that you also answer about you. laughs softly thinking they likely now are thinking " WHY " did I show.. but I would like to know how you would describe Juls' dance style and I don't mean faction vs narration I am talking of feel.. I think it could be interesting to get 3 perspectives here if that's ok with you all

ʝʋɭʂ (julienn.sands): Gee, you guys have LOTS and LOTS of chores to do, right? *nods hopefully*

Mily Sandalwood: laughs

lara (lara.roecastle): twirls her hair around her finger...oh no, i have nothing to do

lara (lara.roecastle): hmmsss as she puts to words a description of juls dance style

Sage (sage.betsen) smirks at juls, "Be happy to help Mily"

Mily Sandalwood: laughs

ʝʋɭʂ (julienn.sands) looks to the dance pit, wondering if she can bury herself beneath the sands

Mily Sandalwood shakes her head "no its not deep enough Juls"

Sage (sage.betsen): Juls does her best to make her dances as gorean as she can. If she needs to research a culture to do it she will and you can bet she is going to be as accurate as she can. She also writes well, I mean that her stories that are woven all flows easily in front of your eyes. She's also very adept at getting her music to fit the mood she is expressing. Over all I give her 10's straight across.

Mily Sandalwood: smiles to Sage

Sage (sage.betsen): love to watch juls dance

lara (lara.roecastle): juls style of dance? Does she have just one certain style? In my opinion, she doesn't. so much have A style but if I was going to put a word to what she does it would be free spirited, because one dance may be about a girl on the plains, and the next a needy silk on the tiles. She amazes me with each dance she does, the depth and feeling and so much of herself that she puts into each one.

Mily Sandalwood smiles to lara nodding her head

ʝʋɭʂ (julienn.sands): I don't know how my dance style would appear to others - I think it's really a matter of taste. I try to put as much genuine culture in it as I can (and fail miserably at times!), and try to bring out a good story. I want to entertain people, not bore them half to death, and I would like for those who see my dances to go away with a little idea of who I am, too. I hope I convey different emotions as well as many of the other dancers do, too.

ʝʋɭʂ (julienn.sands): (Okay, if there was snow in Tarnsport, I would be melting it with my blushings of embarrassment now, you guys)

lara (lara.roecastle): grins

Mily Sandalwood: laughs!

Sage (sage.betsen) laughs

Mily Sandalwood: Thank you Sage and Lara.. I was sat here myself wondering if Master Samos was still alive if he would have given you one of His nicknames and i suspect He might have called you something like a wild swan or similar.. as I agree with lara there is a certain freedom in your dances but elegance too.. Your a interesting dancer to watch.

lara (lara.roecastle) smiles...your welcome mily

ʝʋɭʂ (julienn.sands) blinks, breath stuck in her throat for a moment.. "Thank you Mily, seriously.. I wish I would have been more active back then."

Mily Sandalwood: now you picked a interesting subject Juls asking us to discuss " what other things dancing can inspire in a kajira." So first do you want to give your opinion on this?

ʝʋɭʂ (julienn.sands): Oh, dear... I think in one aspect dance can inspire better servitude all the way around. It takes so much work and emotion to pre-write a dance, and you have to be able to call on those emotions and ideas in the blink of an eye when you're dancing off-the-cuff.

All of that is bound to stick with you, whether you are a sometime-roleplayer or in one of the lifestyle sims. It will affect your serves and other parts of roleplay if you are open to it.

Gorean dancing is traditionally an exercise in creative writing online, too. If you like to write, and if you have a creative bend about you, you will probably do well in dance, as well.

aaaaaaand I can't think of anything else. :)

Mily Sandalwood: A think I personally find is that when I see a good description of something then I think.. ohhh that could work for a dance.. or if I read a interesting passage some of it can linger with me and later i use part of it in a dance . So I find I am finding dances in my real life.. Does that occur with you

ʝʋɭʂ (julienn.sands): Oooh - I will see a great turn of phrase in a novel or some lovely description of something in an advertisement and make mental note of it, thinking how I could work it into a certain dance. But honestly, it's music I run across at times that will really strike a chord (NO pun intended!) with me. I will feel the melody lifting my arms, swaying with me, and just showing me in my mind what it would like to become as a dance.

Mily Sandalwood: smiles nodding a little.. I also found bizarrely in a way when I do yoga i often come away with dance ideas.. I pondered this for a while and i suspect it is because i become so relaxed that many thoughts comes through to me that way. Do you have anything similar?

ʝʋɭʂ (julienn.sands) coughs, blushing a bit... "Like when I'm drinking wine?"

lara (lara.roecastle): laughs

Mily Sandalwood: giggles want to expand on that Juls?

lara (lara.roecastle): there have been times when we have just been playing around in the sands, going through the different dance moves that you have come up with some great ideas for dances juls

Mily Sandalwood: so generally goofing around can do it?

lara (lara.roecastle) nods and smiles

ʝʋɭʂ (julienn.sands): Actually - and the wine is for real, too - but when I'm in a hot bath I can just let go and my imagination will find stories for itself. *grins* - As for the wine, I think a lot of the times my brain is just going a mile a minute and touching on three or five different subjects all at the same time. A nice glass of red wine just relaxes and encourages the imagination. (I have a friend who is an author, and she loves her drinks while writing because it does just that.)

ʝʋɭʂ (julienn.sands) laffs - And Lara's right in that goofing around helps!

Mily Sandalwood: so really in a way we are saying here that dance is being inspired by things we do in real? Do you find anything you do in dance can inspire? I know you said serve better but how exactly?

ʝʋɭʂ (julienn.sands): The words are there more readily, definitely. And I think there's a definite rise in self-awareness and self-confidence. It takes a lot to dance! But another thing is how it can affect creativity elsewhere.

Sage (sage.betsen): the wine or the dance ?

lara (lara.roecastle): laughs

Sage (sage.betsen) pokes lara in fun

ʝʋɭʂ (julienn.sands): The dance! Sheesh.

ʝʋɭʂ (julienn.sands): Writing dances can help you "find your voice" in other creative writing aspects, too.  It can pique interest in other forms of writing or expression, and it's already boosting self-confidence even more as it encourages you to discover other places your writing can take you. .

Mily Sandalwood: for myself in that it has started me writing for Gorean papers. First for the Voice of Gor and then after Master Samos passed i took over these dance interviews. That is something dance has brought to me inspired to me, I have had girls saying that they have started writing short stories or even poems after dancing

lara (lara.roecastle): i would agree with how dancing can help with the whole self esteem thing...its as if "okay, i did a dance, and i did it well" gives that feeling of accomplishment and confidence and that "ohhh wow what more can i do now"

Mily Sandalwood: so dancing can inspire well confidence?

ʝʋɭʂ (julienn.sands): Definitely it can inspire confidence! But never take things too seriously, because as with all art forms, it's subject to other people's tastes and sometimes their moods. Don't let a few people's opinions make you feel like you are dancing "wrong" or anything. Stay true to who you are. 

ʝʋɭʂ (julienn.sands): Sage and I have been to an Earth-side sim for writers and joined in on some of their writing exercises. That actually was the inspiration for Tarnsport's Dancer Dash... just a set time to write and write and write regarding a dance, whether it's emotes or just an idea, all using a prompt to help ideas flow.

Mily Sandalwood: ohh tell the readers more about the Dancer Dash/

ʝʋɭʂ (julienn.sands) laffs - Sage is better at explaining it, I think.

Sage (sage.betsen) smiles and points to juls.

ʝʋɭʂ (julienn.sands): Okay... this is part of what we send out for Dancer Dash:

ʝʋɭʂ (julienn.sands): Based on the Daily Dash, the Dancer Dash is a 15 minute window to simply WRITE, using the prompt supplied for that day (either a word, a photo, or perhaps a quote at times). It isn't a competition, exhibition, or a class, it is simply a get together of people wanting to increase their ability in spontaneous writing with like minded other people with no judging involved. Don't edit, don't over think, don't fret about music or animations at this time. The point is to simply write. Write whatever comes to you - whether the basic ideas or outline of a dance, or the emotes themselves. The key is to get the words on the page first, and you can worry about appeasing that nasty little inner editor later!

I've found one of the worst parts in writing a dance that has a dead line is winding up with blank brain! And things like the Dash can really help get past that writer's block.

Mily Sandalwood: when do you usually do this?

ʝʋɭʂ (julienn.sands): We've been trying to do it Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 11am SLT, but it's still new, and the holidays have been pulling people all over the place. By January we should have it all set and running smoothly. And we are definitely open to time changes, too.

lara (lara.roecastle): i agree, i found the prompt allowed me to just write...i didn't have to worry about what it was going to be about, i had the subject and was able to just go with it. It was sorta liberating in a way, and i was quite surprised at some of what i came up with.

ʝʋɭʂ (julienn.sands): Those who have attended so far have really enjoyed it, they've told us. I think that shows promise.

ʝʋɭʂ (julienn.sands) beams to Lara

Mily Sandalwood: so any readers to im you or sage to get info if they want to know? or off course join the gorean dance contest group where I know you send out notices too

ʝʋɭʂ (julienn.sands): heee - Yes, please. IM away!

Mily Sandalwood: laughs softly

Mily Sandalwood: ok a standard question i ask ALL interviewee's who are your favourite dancers and who do you see as " up and coming"

ʝʋɭʂ (julienn.sands) points to Lara and Sage

Though I don't know if Sage is still considered "up and coming"!

Sage (sage.betsen) laughs

Sage (sage.betsen): to me I am

lara (lara.roecastle): smiles at julsy

ʝʋɭʂ (julienn.sands): I do love their dances... Lordy, there are so many.

Mily Sandalwood: no she is not laughs.. who else?

 ʝʋɭʂ (julienn.sands): I have to say I love Exotica's writing. I know her style isn't everyone's cup of tea, but you can't deny, whether you like her style or not, that she is a great writer. You, Tersa, Ebi - I've always looked up to you as dancers and loved the different ways you express yourselves.

 ʝʋɭʂ (julienn.sands): I really think Phaedra (lkeiser6 Resident)  is one to watch, as is Raven (ravenmyst1 Resident) and Hlinn. Honestly, Hlinn as grown SO MUCH as a dancer since I first met her, and I believe she's got the fire that will keep her growing.

ʝʋɭʂ (julienn.sands): And of course there's Perle, Taema, Maia, Snow, Kamini... so many others.

Mily Sandalwood: laughs softly yes an ever growing list wonderfully so

 ʝʋɭʂ (julienn.sands): Thank goodness! Always the more the merrier.

[14:38] Mily Sandalwood: now before we end the interview I always give the chance to ask me a question if you wish to?

 ʝʋɭʂ (julienn.sands): Where did you find your hat???

ʝʋɭʂ (julienn.sands) laffs

lara (lara.roecastle): laughs

Mily Sandalwood: hahahahah marketplace

ʝʋɭʂ (julienn.sands): I don't think I have ever heard how you wound up dancing, Mily.

And how did dancing in SL affect anything in that cold Real Life world?

[14:43] Mily Sandalwood: i found gor in text chat. I had got chatting to a Dom I met in a yahoo group chat and he took me there. I left SWEARING to him i was NEVER returning as WOW those Free were MEAN... obviously that resolved in Him ensuring that I DID return. the 3rd time I was in a gorean home I saw a girl dance and that was it I was HOOKED.. I remember saying to myself "I want to be able to do that" the slightly bizarre thing is that the Man who got me to make the move to Secondland was the Owner of that girl.. (waves to Master Raze - Randall Razor) The home I first had in gor had the rule that all girls were to dance impromptu so I had only been in gor about 3 weeks the first time I danced in public and experienced that high.. I still run high on that adrenaline rush now when I go to dance or write a dance..

ʝʋɭʂ (julienn.sands): Thank you Master for bringing Mily here!

lara (lara.roecastle): smiles

ʝʋɭʂ (julienn.sands): And I love that rush... I try to tell girls when they are soooo nervous when they are starting off that it won't ever stop, but you'll come to welcome it. I remember being told in real life by a director that if you ever stop getting the rush of stage fright, you have to watch out, because that means you might be getting too cocky for your own good and begin making mistakes and being sloppy.

Mily Sandalwood: the rush is almost better than chocolate laughs

ʝʋɭʂ (julienn.sands): Oooh, the stage rush AND chocolate...


Mily Sandalwood: laughs merrilly

Mily Sandalwood: As for how it affect anything in the cold real life world. I find I am far more aware of what people write.. Like my children come home with letters from school and I am itching to get a red pen out to take out the very many times they use the word " actual" (as an example) I see things in writing I never did before for me it is a positive thing and has gained me a new appreciation of literacy.

ʝʋɭʂ (julienn.sands) laffs - I love that it heightened your sensitivity to the way others write... I know that's got to help your kids, too.

Mily Sandalwood: ok last question is anything you wish to add?

 ʝʋɭʂ (julienn.sands): Hmmm... Well, I'm in three different dance troupes at the moment. You'd not think there was time for three of them, but there is. I really would love to see more sims or groups invite a troupe to perform at events. It's wonderful entertainment, and it's a great way to support dance without the fuss of putting together a competition or exhibition every few months.

Mily Sandalwood: oh I couldn't agree more I am only in the Ko-ro-ba dance troupe and it is rare I manage to dance with them but I do adore it and it makes me feel amazing when I dance like that...

jʋɭʂ (julienn.sands): It's fun! And it's another way to be creative inworld, too.

ʝʋɭʂ (julienn.sands): Before I began dancing with troupes, I thought they were all pretty much the same, but they aren't. Fires of Gor is more theatrically-bent, telling a story with each dance (and Eir and I are putting our heads together for a few more projects for Fires!), and the Phoenix Dancers are very sultry, very fusion - like a blending of Gor and Earth. And Sage is revamping the Tarnsport Tastas, focusing on newer dancers to help build confidence and creativity in them. 

Mily Sandalwood: I would say Ko-ro-ba dancers jubilees and Dance pit raiders off course are all about impromptu for that moment they are in.. so yes very much agree with different ways for each troupe

ʝʋɭʂ (julienn.sands): Yes, they are REALLY good at impromptu. I'd be worried to try that.

Mily Sandalwood: Thank you for doing this Juls and my grateful thank you to Your Owner for permitting me to interview you.. turns her head and smiles to lara and Sage and a thank you to you both for coming too...

lara (lara.roecastle): smiles..i enjoyed it mily...thank y'all for letting me sit in

Sage (sage.betsen): Thank you mily and juls for letting me barge in and be a snoop

 Mily Sandalwood: snooping is always good laughs

 ʝʋɭʂ (julienn.sands) wrinkles her nose in a sunny smile to Mily - "Thank you so much for wanting to interview me, Mily. It means a lot."


Isn't she just  ADORABLE?  I laughed so much during that interview. I loved  how it came across how well liked she was by Lara and Sage ( whispers next time  give me the dirt girls grins)  On a serious point it just showed to me that everything I have felt of Juls prior to this was confirmed.  She is a deep thinker takes her dances to heart. They clearly mean a lot to her and I suspect any regular dancer or even beginners will agree that this shows in your dances making them something spectacular.  When you really feel them.  As a person Juls is funny, loyal and full of spunk - wanting to have fun and enjoy herself without ever putting aside that she is a kajira and this marks who she is.  I think for me at least this very much marks in her dances and I for one can't wait to see her dance again.

Juls thank you so much for agreeing to do this interview with me (I have actually had you on my list of " dancers I want to interview for over a year)  and thank Yous' to your Owner for permitting me too.  I was left with the sensation of having been allowed to hang out with someone utterly wonderful. So really it didn't change what I felt about Juls prior to interviewing her but I now know  just how deep she thinks and how much her dances means to her and for me it just means that I have another reason for liking her so much.

Until next month

mily Sandalwood
Slave of Master Bartok Hartunian of  Ko-ro-ba

:This article is offered as a public service, and also as a continuation of the late Samos Madrigal's mission. The slave called mily writes at my command, however, and if any Free or slave has a concern, a kudo, or a suggestion, I would be more than happy to hear it. I would prefer that any slave has an owner's permission to address me, as that shows respect for proper protocol. My thanks in advance to the Free. Bartok Hartunian of Ko-Ro-Ba, owner of mily Sandalwood

29 December 2013
Posted by Zhaza
*Winter Dance annoucement 

                      --                                  --
                   --        VOLTAI VIKTEL      --
                   --       WINTER DANCE    --
                      --                                  --
The city of Voltai Viktel announces a Winter dance competition.
Held for all Gorean dancers who like the challenge of performing a Gorean dance with a winter theme and showing their skills.

The city will reward the best performance with prizes;

 1st place:  2.000 lindens
 2nd place: 1.250 lindens
 3rd place:     750 lindens

If you are interested, contact:  Gunner von Phoenix (masterperry Resident)
Return the form below filled in to him in NC before January 8.

Date of the event: Februari 8th 
Time of the event: 1pm slt
Location: sparring field within the city of Voltai Viktel
Signs will be placed so you can find your way.

Required information to give to Gunner von Phoenix (masterperry Resident)
Name of slave:

Owner Name:

Current Home Stone:


Title of the dance:

Type of dance:

Number persons dancing:

Duration of the dance: no more then 10 Min

Title of the song you will be dancing too:

Artist performing the song:

Can you provide the music? (Yes/No)

** Note:
Even if you dance with more then one person, the group will be awarded the prize set for the 1st, 2nd or 3rd place. We will not be awarding every person of that group the total prize.

All owned girls will need their Owners permission to dance.

23 December 2013
Posted by Zhaza

Upcoming dance events -23rd December  2013

**when an event is gorean please be aware that the dances may be sexually explicit

Please find a list of upcoming dance events as informed  to the Gorean Dance Contest group. If you would like to have a notice of an upcoming event placed on here, the group is free to join.
You can also go to the "Gorean dance contest" group's google calender on to get an overview of planned events.


I beg you please if you consider organising an event go to the calender to check and do not rely on this notecard.

I add after the event name  (now filled) if I am told by reputable sources it is filled..

11th January 2014  (full)
Gorean Campus @ 1pm SLT
Gorean Campus Dance Competition
Date:  Janurary 11th, 2014
Time:  1 PM  slt 
broadcaster:  Gorean Portal Radio
$15,000L  in prizes plus gifts


All dancers seeking to compete must fill out application (see attached) and return to Krista (krista1k resident) 

Selection and order of dance will be made by contest management

A panel of neutral judges will decide the winners,  by use of Gorean Campus scoring cards

Competition is not themed, however dances - must be Gorean in nature

Dancers will be judged on:
Gorean Styling, Creativity, Beauty, Music, Animations, Timing/Sync, Descriptiveness, Composition, Wearing required colours

GPR DJ will control stream,  music and announce the event on live radio. 

(all who dance receive linden & gift)

1st:    $6000 L  + gift + trophy
2nd:   $3000 L  + gift + trophy
3rd:    $2000 L  + gift + trophy
4th:    $1000 L  + gift
5th to 10th:  $500L + gift each

(in the event of a tie prizes will be split accordingly)

More info;
Gorean Campus FG

for GC Administrator, Lady Janette

Other dates;
For more INFO, contact mily Sandalwood

12th January 2014
Artifax Poetry Dance exhibition @ 11  am SLT

12th January, 2014
Asperiche @ 3 pm SLT
Into to be shared at a later date

18th January 2014
Artifax Poetry Dance exhibtiion @ 11 am SLT

19th January 2014
"Earthen Fairy Tales Come to Gor" @ 1 pm SLT
By invite only  􀀁

25th January 2014
Impromptu Dance Exhibition Isle of Tarns @ 1pm SLT 

1st February 2014
Asperiche Sunrise Serenade @ 1pm SLT
Info to be shared at a later date

2nd February 2014
Silken Chains Dance Competition @ 1pm
Info to be shared at a later date

7th February 2014
Dance graduation for Dance school of Vigo @1 pm SLT
For students of Vigo Dance school only.

15th February 2014
Beginners dance Competition Gorean Campus @ 1 pm SLT

1st March 2014
Asperiche Sunrise Serenade @ 1pm SLT
Info to be shared at a later date

5th April 2014
Asperiche Sunrise Serenade @ 1pm SLT
Info to be shared at a later date

May 3rd 2014
Asperiche Sunrise Serenade @ 1pm SLT
Info to be shared at a later date

7th June 2014
Asperiche Sunrise Serenade @ 1pm SLT
Info to be shared at a later date

5th July 2014
Asperiche Sunrise Serenade @ 1pm SLT
Info to be shared at a later date

2nd August 2014
Asperiche Sunrise Serenade @ 1pm SLT
Info to be shared at a later date

6th September 2014
Asperiche Sunrise Serenade @ 1pm SLT
Info to be shared at a later date

4th October 2014
Asperiche Sunrise Serenade @ 1pm SLT
Info to be shared at a later date

1st November 2014
Asperiche Sunrise Serenade @ 1pm SLT
Info to be shared at a later date

6th December 2014
Asperiche Sunrise Serenade @ 1pm SLT
Info to be shared at a later date

Please join " gorean slave dance contests" group for further information and aid from other dancers when you get stuck. Events are posted there as we hear of them. 

If you wish your information of a dance review placed upon this notice please send a notecard to mily Sandalwood (I try to pick up all events I see advertised but if you want to make sure please send it to mily Sandalwood)  

15 November 2013
Posted by Zhaza

Gorean Times November  2013;

this article  was first published in Gorean Times November  2013  issue

Greetings dear readers

Its November and we have for many of us moved of summer time, For myself it means my favourite time of year. I just love  autumn its the colours and the brisk wind that gets to me. Not that I am a get out and walk around type of person I like sitting inside with a hot drink watching through the window though.

This month I am interviewing maia (fionna Carter)  who I think any  that has been on the gorean dance circuit recently will have seen dance.  Obviously I knew maia through dance events but I rather liked the idea of having a bit of time to get to know her.  I was not disappointed.

Her profile says

“I do not try to dance better than anyone else. I only try to to dance better than myself.” ― Mikhail Baryshnikov. 
                  Property of Black Ice, MA of Olni
                     Boarded in Port Haifa
                   Slave trainer at  HoK - Haifa      
             Staff member - Academy Gorean Dance
The quote made me chuckle. I don't know about you dear reader but I personally found it such a true comment. One many of us could learn from I feel.  

The reason why i approached maia and asked her for the interview is actually pretty simple. I enjoy her dances and I know many who have said to me they do. Due to that I really wanted to hear what she had to say and  grins widely she agreed!.

As accustomed I gave maia a  list of questions  to answer prior to her and I meeting for a face to face interview. They were

Please tell us your name, Owner and city you live in.

How did you discover gorean dance?

How does dance have a impact on your gorean life?

What is the most important aspect of dance to you?

Please tell us about what is the hardest hing about dance?

Please pick a subject about gorean dance that you wish to discuss further.

She replied  like this

My Master named me Maia and my collar tag reads if lost please return this girl to Black Ice in Port Olni. As he spends most of his time travelling and apparently I can be a handful at times, he has boarded me in Port Haifa where I am hired back as a slave trainer in the HoK. That way my board and keep is paid for by the work I do there and it keeps me out of trouble.

How did I discover gorean dance, let me dig deep in my memories. Back in 2006 there was a gorean training school in a city called Iaomai. How I landed there is a whole other story anyhow my first introduction to gorean dance was during one of the classes there by a girl called Lexi who used to compete at various contests. At that time dance was more about the written word, dance animations that could be used were not as varied and sophisticated as they are now.

Once graduated I stayed and taught classes there as well as organized their dance contests. Interestingly enough back then there were two separate categories in a contest one for red silks and one for white silk.

I used to watch Lexi compete and think wow I wish I could do that!  In hindsight I probably could of I just lacked the confidence to take that leap of faith.

I took a break from SL for a couple of years returning back early in 2012 and oh my how things had changed. Luckily someone recommended that I should start off in Port Haifa and I have more or less been there ever since. I am not great at being an all rounder when it comes to teaching so try and specialise in a small number of subjects and one of these is dance.  This of course led to me wanting to organise a dance contest and it was at that event I first met babypea, who just totally blew my mind away with her dance.  I sent her an im and we started talking and its been her friendship, support and arm twisting that has got me into the sands dancing.

Baby also pointed me in the direction of AGD, after graduating from there I attended the first WYFD workshop and more recently I have been bugging the hell out of Taema and Perle at the classes in Vigo.  People ask me why I spend so much time at other schools be it basic or advance classes, well for starters it keeps my mind fresh and more importantly it keeps me up to date with what's going on.  You would be amazed at the little gems you can pick up and for me to spend 12 hrs in class and walk away with two or three gems of information that can improve the way I dance is totally a good use of time.

You asked me what the most important aspect of dance is and the natural answer is of course to be pleasing to the Free and more importantly for my Master. I kind of want to put a different spin on this question,  which is what do I see as being important and for me that is giving kajirae the confidence and tools to enable them to embrace dance as a means of not only pleasing their owners but also showing them how they can use dance as a means of communication with their owners. Dance is the one 'tool' we do have to be totally ourselves and to be able to open up and be honest about what is going on in our slave heart.

If I look back over the past 12 months I think the biggest challenge I have faced is the whole dance faction vs narration (story telling).  I was like woah what is this? I have spent time listening to both sides of the coin and I would like to think that I am a balanced dancer, someone who can weave a story but still keep it dance.  It's something I struggle with and I am constantly asking myself "Can those watching me dance see this"?

For the subject she said : i was wondering if you fancied discussing dance training and why we are seeing so few new girls either compete or dance at exhibitions


I read the above through several times to get a real feel of who maia was as a dancer, kajira. girl and i have to admit i LIKED what  I felt was coming across in the comments,  So I was looking forward to meeting her.  

The following is what happened when we did meet up.

Mily Sandalwood: thank you so much for agreeing to do this interview I was very excited you said yes,... as you might know Master Samos started this and I took it on after He passed away..

Mily Sandalwood: one thing I noticed the most in your questionnaire answers was how you mentioned that you had taken a break for a couple of years before returning, and how different dance had become in that time. I wondered if you would like to tell us a bit about what you see as strength and weaknesses of the in want of a better word Old style way to do it and the way we now see dance done.

Maia (fionna.carter): interesting question! I think the greatest difference I see now is the passion that the dancers have for the art and it is an art form. Back when I first started it was very much about the words and back then there was no styles as such, dance was dance. Finding a dance animation to fit an emote was like looking for a needle in a haystack. Now its about the total package, its almost a theatre production and to me it makes it so much more intense and emotional, you can almost feel like you are their experiencing the dance with the dancer. Dancers put so much more effort and energy into creating that experience for their audience it just blew me away when I came back.

Mily Sandalwood: have you found that it has changed your own approach to dance knowing both the newer and older style or do you think you approach it the way you would have always done?

Maia (fionna.carter): I think my style has completely changed and is continuing to evolve. If I look back to my graduation dance I did here in August 2012, I shake my head and wonder what on earth I was doing. It's not until I stepped outside of the safety of these city walls that I realised that there was this wealth of knowledge and that what I considered to be the norm was being challenged. If it hadn't been for Babypea prodding and poking me to experience what else was out there I would not of pushed myself to try and be a better dancer. So in essence I think I have changed my approach dramatically.

Mily Sandalwood: Within that approach changing another thing you mention is dance faction You say you were puzzled by it (woah what is this) would you care to share a bit about this and how you have tacked it. ?

Maia (fionna.carter) laughs and takes a deep breath
Maia (fionna.carter): Trying hard to remember the first time I heard the words dance faction! Oh yes! I attended a talk Master Ramius arranged, the speaker was Babypea and she was talking about how she puts together a dance. She mentioned the fact that she tries to keep her dances faction style and briefly went on to explain what it was! I was riveted! Hanging on her every word and thinking to myself 'Yes this makes sense'. From that day I was scrabbling around trying to find out as much information as possible about dance faction and ended up somewhere and came across a couple of scrolls (I think it was the dance gardens) that had copies of some of Master Samos's talks plus I think it included a talk by you too Mily). From that moment on my whole view of dance changed but its not an easy transition and I still find it tough at times

Each post I write I ask myself can the audience see this or am I telling them something! 

What does puzzle me at times is have I got it right? Am I drifting away from dance to narration? So yes I think I am still learning but getting more confident as time goes on. 

Mily Sandalwood chuckles low hearing her answer and says "the first time i read one of Master Samos reviews with a comment in it i was like that. YES He makes sense YES YES , So I sought Him out and so began my own love affair with dance faction little did I know at the time that also the love of a Master that left a deep imprint on not just me as a person but oh so many dancers it always humbles me when I see dancers mention Him who didn't know Him for me that is an amazing legacy to have left.

Maia (fionna.carter): For me its kind of sad not to have someone that is that passionate about dance around and in a way I envy the dancers that had a chance to speak to him and listen to his words of wisdom. He is looking down very proudly at you Mily! It's one of the things I actually feel is missing from the dance community, at a contest, exhibition or in classes the community is strong but outside of that there is a missing link almost a gap. I don't think anyone could replace him but I do see an opportunity for the community to be stronger be they support narration or dance faction.

Maia (fionna.carter) leans over and hugs Mily tightly

Mily Sandalwood leans over and gives Maia a hug in return 
before inhaling and speaking

Mily Sandalwood: smiles softly obviously I personally agree He left a hole... but yes I have hope we can all pull together and create a positive dance community. I see that in so many ways . My personal favourite is how any dancer who goes to the Gorean Dance contest group with a question gets just SO MANY answers and eagerly so from other dancers. " Oh do you do that I do this" OHH Im going to try that.. (even if its to tell me I over indulge in hair styles - looks to EDEN as she says that.

Mily Sandalwood: this leads us nicely to your chosen subject and I am going to start it off by asking a question that might appear a bit out of turn but I would say there is method in my madness grins.. You suggested we discuss dance training and why we see so few new dancers at competitions and exhibitions So I want to know who are your personal favourite dancers and who do you see a up and coming?.

Maia (fionna.carter) gulps and racks her brains then burst out laughing. Taema said if you asked this question I was to say her name as my favourite apparently there is chocolate in it for me. I have such a huge list of girls I just adore watching dance and to name just a few and please this is by no means the whole list but Babypea obviously, if it wasn't for her I would not of had the courage to dance. Perle just amazes me with her ability to create dancers that just evoke such strong images. Iris is at the top of the list too, the way she weaves a story is just amazing. Kami the mad bond who just makes me laugh and then of course darling Taema who has taught me so much lately. 

On the upcoming front I see a couple of girls in Haifa; Luma and Raven, Raven will be dancing at her first contest in November, she has so much passion for dance it just makes me so proud and glow when I see her working so hard at it. Rosa from Vigo, I think will be a little star and I see a few more currently attending classes there that are just making me go wow!

Mily Sandalwood: speaking of first dance contest You have one upcoming here in Hafia that is a bit different would you tell us a bit about it please

Maia (fionna.carter) bounces with excitement "Yesss"

One of the things I hear constantly at dance classes is that girls feel shy about taking those first steps into the sands. So we are having a dance contest for girls who are either in training at Port Haifa or are slaves of city residents. However, the girls must never have competed before in SL Gor. To be perfectly honest I have twisted a couple of arms, but I am so excited that so many wanted to and have stepped up to take part. 

I am so proud of each and every one of them and am over the moon that we are giving them the opportunity to be able to share their dances and to experience a competitive environment which in non threatening.

Mily Sandalwood: smiles it is not the first time we have had events like this but i i do wish they were a bit more regular as it is such a lovely way to start. Why do you think girls who go to dance lessons feel so shy about dancing in public? It is clear they are interested if they invest the time a dance course takes

Maia (fionna.carter) smiles, I agree and would like to do more of them (if anyone has a venue then they are more than welcome to contact me and I am more than happy to take on the responsibility of arranging it).

That's a question I have been thinking about a lot! If I look back at my own experience, I spent a lot of time at dance contests just watching, you see the excitement each time a known dancer enters the sands (not saying that new dancers are ignored).
For me it was a lack of confidence, I used to say to myself and still do at times "They are so much better than me, I can't do this".

So part of it I feel is intimidation and shyness, am I going to look like a complete idiot! 

The second part I see in a lot of the girls here, the training is over and its off you go , you have the tools, you have listened to everything I have to tell you now go get on with it. I am trying to do that less now and where I see the passion I continue to nurture and really its all about confidence and if I can spend a few hours making a girl feel more confident about her ability to dance then that is time well spent.

Mily Sandalwood: many of the dance classes now do end exhibitions like Ko-ro-ba AGD, Vigo, WYFD they all do i am sure there are others but that is what I can think of at the top of my head. Do you think that is a way forward? or do you think perhaps to graduate you should have to dance in an event? .

Maia (fionna.carter): Yes they do and I think that the exhibitions are a great opportunity to showcase up and coming dancers but what saddens me is that you see so few of them actually continue to share their talent.

Mmmhm interesting thought the forced contest, maybe all the dance schools should get together and time their graduations so we could have a big newcomers contest. Not sure that would ever happen but an idea that I will mull over. 

What saddens me is the drop-out that happens in classes and I am now thinking why are we not going back to these girls and asking 'Why did you stop coming?' I also see girls that start off in one school, drop out and then turn up at another school and drop out half way through. There is a reason they are there, it would be interesting to actually understand if the school is not meeting their needs or whether dance is just not a passion.

Mily Sandalwood: yes I agree that would be interesting. One thing I get told is people find it hard to commit to longer stretches but i think that is being dealt with from many of the schools in either how they run a ongoing programme or how they put in place one off events or classes. do you suspect that it is possible to make a model that fits all?

Maia (fionna.carter) smiles and then sighs, unfortunately life tells us that one size does not fit all. Each of us has different demands from RL so I completely understand that committing to a series of classes is incredibly difficult. What I would like to see is more one off sessions on various topic and more 'intermediate or advance classes'. Like the seminars we have in RL, we have such a wealth of knowledge and experience in the community it would be great to pull together talks on various subjects and even open discussions

Mily Sandalwood: I see a lot of the schools doing that. So hopefully we will find dancers finding their way in that direction. Before I go to the last few questions is there anything you would like to say to new dancers or dancers who are not quite ready to do the dance events be it exhibition or competitions to give them that last push?

At this point we were joined by Master Marl (Marleus1 Previn)  Slaver of House of Khon  - Port Hafia

Maia (fionna.carter) grins, my words to any dancer who is thinking of taking that leap of faith is "Talk to one of the dancers in the community, we don't bite and we love to embrace anyone who is thinking of taking those first steps". To me there is nothing greater than seeing a girl I have spent time with take her first steps and I believe that is so for all the experienced dancers out there in the community". Dance is a passion and it makes me smile to see a new dancer bubble with enthusiasm, lets not let them get away. Embrace and nurture them!

Mily Sandalwood: welcome Master and I wondered if i could ask You if you would like to ask a dance related question of Maia before i finish up?

Marl (marlenus1previn): do you do the words first or the music or the moves?

 Maia (fionna.carter): Oh good question Master! Interestingly back years ago I used to do the words first then go through the limited animations available and try and find something to fit. Music always seemed to come last and then not much thought was put into it! Now I tend to have an outline in my head and my first priority is my music, the right music can inspire you and it starts to create a picture. Then I will sort through my animations and with the outline in my head work out the choreography so in fact the words come last.

Marl (marlenus1previn): good answer

Maia (fionna.carter): But each girl will have their own method!! ~winks~

Maia (fionna.carter): That is definitely one of the big changes I have seen Mily how its about the total picture you can create with everything that is available to you

Mily Sandalwood: indeed they will, I am a animations before words too. However sometimes I get a word phrase playing in my head and then i write from there and find animations

Marl (marlenus1previn): I suppose a lot more now then years ago

Maia (fionna.carter) nods "Definitely Master, if I look back to when I first came across gorean dance I think we were just scratching the surface"

Marl (marlenus1previn) smiles

 Mily Sandalwood: ok maia I always give the dancers a chance to ask me a question so would you like to ?

Maia (fionna.carter) grins and digs out her scroll

Mily Sandalwood: laughs loudly

Mily Sandalwood: the answer is CHOCOLATE!

 Maia (fionna.carter): So Mily you mentioned how excited you were when you first discovered dance faction. What challenges did you face when you started to look at the way you danced. Also do you think there is a middle ground to be had that place where narration meets dance?

 Mily Sandalwood: I am going to start from the 2nd half of the question. No " I " personally do not think there is a narration meets faction place.. I have had a lot of stick from that but I honestly do not get why. it is MY opinion it was also Master Samos opinion. Do I accept some will stick to narration or mix the two? Off course I do but that doesn't = I cant have my own opinion on what" I" see as right. For me a dance should be DANCED.. not told in a pretty story. When I am watching a dance i want to see the dancer, not be told of the amazing conquests her Owner has done if that makes sense? I like being told of the conquests but tell me in person or in a story to me or even better if the Freeman can tell me Himself..

Mily Sandalwood: as for what did I change.. well here is a extract from a dance i wrote prior to SL and Master Samos getting a hold of me it is a dance where i danced with a curtain.. I have a times thought to do so again here in SL but wow I need an amazing scripter for it..

~~mily tries to turn wondering what is creating the fluttering in belly, a sudden crack from the fire causes ripe body to twist in fear, trying to work out what's going on, crying out as a cape of strength and warmth wraps firmly round tempting flesh~~

Marl (marlenus1previn): now i could see a picture then

Mily Sandalwood: as you can likely see I got rid off narration and I got rid of feelings in this one a wondering.. I learnt to ask myself " can my audience see this or am I telling them?" and yes Master there is a picture and a fair bit of it is faction because i originally came from text chat gor

Mily Sandalwood: i have never been the sort to do the " the girl cried out for her Master who had been gone for 11 hands fighting and then he stated calling her and she ran to his arms in happy harmony"

Maia (fionna.carter) grins "no I can't see that in you". Interesting you mentioned text chat gor, I see a few girls come from there we have one in Haifa at the moment 'Emily' I think she has the potential to make a great dancer.

Mily Sandalwood: I did however learn to show rather than tell and like many others I did struggle my early reviews of Master Samos mentions this.. but OHH He had me hooked I wanted that perfect review... interesting thing is by the time I got it.. I had lost that need to have it as I had lost my collar and it was some time after that I realised it was actually Him the man i was interested in..

Maia (fionna.carter) smiles
Marl (marlenus1previn): I was text chat and still cant dance

Mily Sandalwood giggles hearing Master I am sure some could show You how Master?

Maia (fionna.carter) grins towards the Master "One day Master"

Marl (marlenus1previn): would be fun

Maia (fionna.carter) takes a deep breath and quickly throws out another question "What words of advice would you give to a dancer who has the passion for dance in their belly but is scared to take that first step?"

Maia (fionna.carter): We have both been there ~giggles~

Mily Sandalwood: eat chocolate

Maia (fionna.carter): laughs

Maia (fionna.carter): great answer!! although in my case ~ no perhaps we won't go there

[09:39] Mily Sandalwood: and actually no I have never been there maia. The home i started gor in had a rule that you had to dance off the cuff before you could pre-write so girls got hurled onto the dance floor very early i had only known about gor for about 2 weeks the first time i danced..

Mily Sandalwood: i think the best I can say is.. Think of other times you have been scared and then remember what it felt like the amazing feeling when you conquered that fear. that is what awaits you at the end of the dance worth every single nervous jiggle in my opinion..

Marl (marlenus1previn): I saw a girl dance once a need dance , it was her first ever. she did quite well she got the dance in sort of book order ... at the judging she was called to the podium to be told she came last ..she never danced again

Mily Sandalwood: sadly competitions can do that it is one of the reasons why I tend to favour exhibitions. Not everyone agrees though smiles

Marl (marlenus1previn): so I am pleased to see now we don't know who came last only the 1 2 3

Mily Sandalwood: I agree with that Master. ~ Smiles to Him~

Mily Sandalwood: Thank you Master for joining us and thank you maia for agreeing to do the interview..

Maia (fionna.carter): It has been my pleasure Mily and thank you so much!


Usually I spend 1 hour with a girl and I am strict on that so the interview doesn't get to long.  With maia I wished i could have made it longer. I  thoroughly enjoyed talking to her about dance, her ideas and opinions to me were fascinating and I am pretty sure that many of you who have read this will agree with me when I say this girl is one smart cookie.
She gives me the impression she is the types who always has something happening and going on. busy busy. Yet  whilst she and I were talking I felt like she had all the time in the world for the interview.  That is a rare gift I feel. As a dancer maia really is spectacular to watch and I suspect that she is a dance name many will nod and smile when they hear is dancing expecting a wonderful dance.  I for sure got a wonderful interview, thank you maia  Thank You Master Black Ice for permitting her to interview.   Plus thank you to Master Marl who joined us and asked a pretty fab question of maia.  

I for one am sure that this dancer we have not heard / seen the last off. Would be a huge shame if that was the case.

The beautiful photographs of maia re taken by the talented Mistress Stardust Arnahan I am sure you will enjoy them as much as I did, thank You Mistress for agreeing to do the photos. I truly feel you have captured maia's essence in the photos. Showing of how beautiful  she is.

Until next month

Slave of Master Bartok Hartunian of  Ko-ro-ba

:This article is offered as a public service, and also as a continuation of the late Samos Madrigal's mission. The slave called mily writes at my command, however, and if any Free or slave has a concern, a kudo, or a suggestion, I would be more than happy to hear it. I would prefer that any slave has an owner's permission to address me, as that shows respect for proper protocol. My thanks in advance to the Free. Bartok Hartunian of Ko-Ro-Ba, owner of mily Sandalwood